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We are a group that prides ourselves in investigating and documenting paranormal phenomena. We are after answers as to whether these phenomena even exist. We welcome fellow citizens to report locations they believe they have experienced paranormal phenomena and we will attempt to investigate and document our experiences to share with the public. 

TCAPS is made up currently of 7 members, we have two lead investigators, a voice over artist, and 5 paranormal investigators. We decided to start this journey simply as a hobby, traveling to different "haunted" locations in the surrounding area. We quickly decided we wanted to start to record our adventures. At first these recording were just for us to review to look at potential evidence. As we continued doing this as a hobby our want and desire to explore even more locations kept growing. Next thing you know we are purchasing high quality and top of the line equipment, we started bringing our friends along and next thing you know we have a following and a website! We thank each and everyone of you that has made this a reality for our team!

TCAPS was founded in 2022 by our two lead investigators Josh and Steven. All of our work is performed for FREE. We never charge for any investigations as our main goal is to help educate the public and assist those affected by the paranormal!

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