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Spooky Forest

Frequently Asked Questions

All the Answers You Seek, In One Place

What all does an investigation consist of?

       Investigations vary depending on the location and what our team is investigating. However we generally do a full sweep utilizing our equipment and modern technology to assist us in locating or communicating with the paranormal. After we do a general sweep, we may focus on a certain area where we believe the highest amount of activity is. We document everything using a series of audio and visual recorders. These can also provide evidence that we may not see or hear in real time. As always all investigations are 100 % free of charge, no matter the location or difficulty, and we will present our facts to the home or property owner.

Are you skeptical of the paranormal?

     Our team currently consists of 7 members. We have two lead investigators out of those 7. Currently all of our members are not skeptical of the paranormal, when we first started this journey there were a select few that were. However after being on numerous investigations that has since changed their mind. We are constantly evolving and furthering education for all of our team members. We are not here to force our ideas on the public as we understand there are and will be skeptics. We focus primarily on education and providing peace of mind to the home owners of our investigations.

Can I join the team?

     Currently our team is full, however as we continue to grow we may accept applications for new members! Keep a lookout on our Facebook page! That is the best place to get updates the fastest!

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